Storm watch...much more fun than it sounds!

Cambria is blessed with 300 sunny days per year but one of the best things is when the storms blow in from the Pacific Ocean. Right now, we are living in a cloud...the marine layer has wrapped itself around us and a magical glow surrounds the village. The fine mist is oddly serene and the sounds of nature busily preparing, fills the air. The birds are all in a big hurry to get their food and water in preparation for the upcoming rains and locals get ready to hunker down and enjoy the beautiful change of scenery. We need the rains, of course, but we also love the rain. It is why our hills turn a blazing emerald green and the upcoming wildflower season will benefit from this lovely burst of water. Today, we enjoy the calm before the storm and tomorrow we enjoy the storm! 

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Little slice of heaven.

Little slice of heaven.
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